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            The first full screen design of terminal passed the security certification is for our domestic customers


            The 2nd Mpos VPOS3356 passed PCI4.0 certification


            VPOS3356 is a convenient payment terminal which provides gathering payment, balance inquiry, transfer service, credit card payment, phone recharge, game top-up etc. Product designed on reference to "China UnionPay PIN input safety equipment" & "international PCI4.0 safety certification" .On data security and physical security are more satisfy than individual terminal security requirements.

            ViewAt assisted one of customers to pass Union-pay mPOS security test


            China Union-pay published mPOS security standards on 2014, and implemented the test on second half of 2014. ViewAt kept up this and studied on the standards, and successfully assisted one of our customers passed the test. This marks we have fully mastered all Union-pay security requests and design solution on mPOS, qualify for providing products and services for mobile payment design.mPOS refers as mobile POS, mainly features are MSR,ICCR,NFC, PIN enter, encrypted data, information display, supports connections by external mobile device, communicate with bank system by back-end systems.

            ViewAT ODM services on mPOS for our client has passed PCI 4.0 certification


            ViewAT ODM services on mPOS for our client has passed PCI 4.0 certification, marks ViewAt has already passed PCI strictest test requests, and conforms to all new security technologies, a safe-guard for payment terminals.

            The first TEEI Tablet POS in the world is released by ViewAt


            The first PCI certification requirements TEEI(Trusted Executive Environment Integration)tablet POS VPOS3522 released on August, and present it on International Financial Equipment Shows in Beijing, and “ Smart terminal security & application seminar” in Shanghai held by Union-pay on 18th,Sep. It became a shiny star on the presentation, due to the terminal provide a complete solution for Union-pay standards requirements on Mobile payment, like cell phones and tablet pc.

            ViewAt granted the certification of “Commercial passwords designated producer”


            After 3 months evaluation on ViewAt capability and product’s working features, State Encryption Association reached a consensus that ViewAt’s products conforms with association’s technology and management requirements, and granted the “Commercial Passwords Designated Producer” on 25th,Nov,2013. This marks that ViewAt are qualified on commercial passwords industry R&D capability, made a solid base development future for company’s strategy on commercial passwords markets.

            ViewAt PBOC kernel has already updated to support PBOC3.0 state encryption algorithm.


            People’s Bank of China released the < China Financial IC card Standards V3> on 2013; requests all the test products for PBOC shall conform to V3.0 requirements. The most important requirements of PBOC 3.0 is to request to support SM2, SM3 and SM4, a mandatory for future certification. ViewAt has already took the first step on research and development once it’s released, successfully meet all the requirements at first time, also assisted our clients to get PBOC 3.0 approvals.

            ViewAt use TI (AM3715) processor to develop PDA-POS and passed PCI 3.0 X certification.


            ViewAt used TI (AM3715) processor successfully developed a new PDA-POS to pass PCI3.x, which is the most strictly and high-level financial security certification in the world.


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