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            PCI pro-test services

            Pro-test services are actually focus on assisting our customers to a better understanding on PCI certification requirements, finding out the un-consistency with PCI requirements, to modify solutions and improve the success rate; in other words, is to help our customers lower their cost on getting approvals from certification Labs. We’ve already built-up a good relationship with PCI test lab, be able to assist our customer to built up business services in high- efficiency with labs. We provide complete PCI certification solutions and offer best services for all technical and solution selections services, in order to get the approval at fastest time!

            EMV Consultation

            EMV Level 2 match-able kernel; PBOC2.0 on EMV L2; ViewAt also provide newest EMV4.2a and EMV Level2 match-able kernel, use it for POS terminals, ATM and internet bank, complete technical details and object code for production.

            Expert on EMV, PBOC,PCI,QPBOC

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